Dj Me-Low

Dj Me-Low


Me-low’s fate at the age of 12 was Music. From this point on neither his family nor his friends could keep him outside of the records stores. What started as a hobby should turn into the key tool of his passion by time.

It was the year of 1998, when Milos Dimitrijevic, born an raised in Nuremberg, came in touch with the hottest club tunes. His Brother had a good connection to army members. US Rappers like Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Outkast, Notorious B.I.G. and Dr. Dre charactarized him in his early days. No wonder Me-low started working at records stores after school and build up his music collection very fastly. Ambition and focus lead him to top notch DJs.

After a short time, collecting records wasn’t enough for the 15 year old. Playing records for the public was his goal, his dream, his destiny. Supporting and assisting others at Clubs was the essential experience for him. Seeing the masses in total ecstacy was his key to the world of Deejaying.

From there on he was booked over and over in south germany, starting with the legendary club Big 7. In 2005 he started playing Fridays at the World of Nightlife in Nuremberg, the biggest Club in south of germany. Of course he could step his game up and get more and more experience in what he was doing. He supported Top DJs like Green Lantern, Irie, Epps, Camilo, Kool, Tony Touch, Kid Capri and even Artists like Lloyd Banks or DMX.

Me-low is an integral part at the World of Nightlife for 11 years. If you ask the thousands of people who come to the club every Friday: Do you like it? They will answer: Me-low is playing the right stuff at the right time.

Me-low isn’t playing for hip hop lovers only, R&B and Dancehall Music is an consistent part in his unique sets. It is not enough for Me-low to see people dance, his sets have to make the people fall in trance. Breaking the latest tracks is daily routine for him.

If you look at his gig-schedule you will often find citys like Munich, Würzburg, Augsburg, Frankfurt or Chemnitz. Promoters and club managers all over germany are convinced in his skills and sets.

No wonder that Me-low isn’t playing live only, he released several mixtapes already. He proved that the future chartbreaker were already in his mixtapes before the general public could start loving it.

So we can lean back and watch, what Me-lows next steps will be. One thing is for sure: Me-low will continue to be one of the hottest DJs in german nightlife!

  • 19 Sep 2014
  • DJ, Dj Me-Low, Music, Musik

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